teriyaki cedar-planked salmon with fruit salsa

This year in the Pacific Northwest, we had the largest Sockeye Salmon run since 1913.  My freezer and I are very grateful for this event.  Of course, GWH was out fishing every moment that he could.  He often got up at three in the morning just so that they could get out there and secure their “spot”.  That’s dedicated….. or crazy.  Nonetheless, I am glad that he is crazy because now I have salmon in the freezer.

During this fishing frenzy, we had company from Arizona and I wanted to cook a meal that represented our local flavours.  I decided on Teriyaki cedar-planked salmon with fruit salsa.

GWH has a “famous” Teriyaki sauce recipe that he has used for years and he brags about how good it is.  And it is good.  Very good.  It is so good that all I had to do was add a little honey to the recipe.  He didn’t think this was necessary and he really didn’t want me messing with his “famous” recipe. So I explained it to him like this. Just think of me as the honey.  Like the sauce, you were good before the “honey” was added but now you are better.  Ahh, he says.

GWH’s “Famous” Teriyaki Sauce

He makes this sauce in bulk and then stores it in the fridge in the soy sauce tin.

4 liters Kikkoman soya sauce

1 lb. garlic cloves
1 lb ginger root
4 oz. green onion
26 oz. Demererra sugar
9 oz. cooking sherry
2 tsp. olive oil
Coarsely chop all ingredients.
Mix all ingredients in large pot. Bring to boil, simmer for 40 minutes.  Refrigerate overnight and strain next day.

Teriyaki Cedar-Planked Salmon

1 Salmon, filleted
2 cups GWH “Famous” Teriyaki Sauce
1 cup honey 

Soak the cedar plank over night in a cooler or large bucket filled with water.  You may need something heavy to submerge the plank.

Marinate the salmon in the Teriyaki Sauce for at least two hours.  Remove salmon to cedar planks and reserve marinade.  Mix marinade with honey to create a glaze.  Spread glaze over salmon. 

Place cedar planks on hot barbecue and cook until done approximately 1/2 an hour, depending on the size of the fish.

The plank will smolder and create a smoky flavour throughout the salmon.

Serve with fruit salsa.



13 thoughts on “teriyaki cedar-planked salmon with fruit salsa

  1. I love salmon and am so jealous that you have such a fresh “source” for it. This salsa and this teriyaki look absolutely delicious. Time to get my planks out again for this one before the weather gets too cold.

  2. I've yet to try this planking method of cooking. Why, I'm not sure, because this looks so killer good. I'm hoping to go snagging salmon soon, and am going to bookmark this recipe and make sure to try cooking it this way. Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  3. I'm totally stealing that line to use on some future boyfriend/husband when he disagrees with me about something. You are GOOD.

    I love salmon teriyaki. The flavors just satisfy so much.

  4. Hi! Good to know the salmon are running well. Will make my friend who runs a damn in the Walla walla district happy because he is always scared the fish crazies will close him down! I had the distinct pleasure of having cedar salmon in vancouver and also in seattle and even though I am not partial to fish in general, it was delicious! Thanks for sharing on the hearth and soul hop this week! I also got a giggle out of your honey comment! Alex@amoderatelife

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