Peace in My World

To sum up a whole year with one word is a difficult thing.  There are many words that come to mind when I reflect upon the year 2010.  Words such as anxious, scattered, beginnings, endings, family, friends, joy, sadness, healing, passion and creativity are only a few that come to mind.  
If I have to choose just one word, though, I would say SEEKINGThis year, I have been trying to find my place in this world, trying to find the life that I am meant to be living, trying to find my niche, trying to find an outlet for my creativity and trying to find some healing.  Through this process, I have attempted many new things and to some, I imagine that I must appear very scattered and desperate.  It is difficult to find what you are looking for when you don’t know what it is.  It is not all bad, though.  In my quest to find “it”, I have found that I really love writing and the benefits of this discovery are two-fold.  Through words, I have found an avenue for my creative longings as well as a very effective conduit for healing.
At risk of sounding like a beauty pageant contestant, the word that I am hoping will be my theme for 2011, is PEACE.  Not world peace, although this would, truly, be a wonderful thing, but peace in my world.  Peace that comes from letting go, peace that comes from being truly comfortable with yourself, peace that comes from the clarity of knowing you are right where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing and peace that comes from putting your heart down on paper and having people “get it”.

It isn’t enough to talk about peace, 
one must believe it.
And it isn’t enough to believe in it, 
one must work for it. 
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


3 thoughts on “Peace in My World

  1. What a wonderful idea! And although initially it seemed a bit daunting to choose just one word, it actually popped into my head pretty quickly: “Promising.” Not as in a vow, but as in potential, the feeling that I've been building something with my blog and “brand” and that a whole new stage is just around the corner. We shall see …

  2. I am Reverbing too, and my word for 2010 is questioning. I am right where you are trying to figure out what comes next. It is really frustrating not knowing which path to choose, but I've been focusing on being present in the moment and taking one step at a time. I hope my word for 2011 will be answering.

  3. Ok…I promise I have NEVER commented on a person's blog 3 times in one day! Feeling a little strange but I love your writing and I'm connecting with it.
    I, too, chose a word because of Reverb, and my word for 2011 has been create…in whatever form that may emerge.
    I'm not always the best at taking the time to follow people but I'm following you now. How could I not since I've been commenting crazy for the past few minutes?! LOL Looking forward to reading more of you…just not today. 🙂

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