I wrote this poem in response to a prompt from my IRL writing group.  We were to write a poem that describes ourselves using the letters of our name.

Kaleidoscopic visions consume you as
Each turn of the tube brings you closer to
Living authentically
Loving wholeheartedly
Yearning for patterns in red, yellow and blue

Anxiety is your chloroform
Numbness fading
Navel gazing

Awareness woven from threads of pain
Looming words
Longing to be heard
Allowing yourself to stand naked because
Reticence is no longer becoming and then
Dressed in a flowing shift of consciousness
Your hands caress the fine fabric lovingly
Cherishing your new garments that are
Edged in patterns of red, yellow and blue

This post is linked to One Shot Wednesday

July 9, 2011 –  I am linking this post to Lightning and Lightning Bug’s Dare to Share Feature. 

“Who I Am. Link up to a post that describes who you are, that introduces you to our community.” 

This poem was my very first post on this blog and also describes me: 
These are a Few of My Favourite Things 

and this poem is also about me: 
You Will Know Me 

Apparently, it’s all about me! Click on the link below to find out all about the others in this wonderful writing community.


12 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. A great poem about being and experience, especially that brief interlude “Anxiety is your chloroform /
    Numbness fading / Navel gazing” setting up the self-aware lines expressed in the second half. Excellent work.

  2. Anxiety is your chloroform…some interesting comparisons/images in this one. Some people have trouble with these name acrostics and all, but it looks like you handled the challenge soundly. Engaging bit of word play, painting a story and personality for us, through carefully crafted description. A fine poem on life.

  3. Cianphelan – Thank you. I admit that I had to google acrostic. Now I know. lol. Sometimes, I like to be challenged to write within certain parameters such as this one.

  4. ah love this…great transformation through out…the kaleidiscope at the begining paves the way nicely, then the close being able to admire yourself as you truly are…very nice.

  5. Wow, this is beautiful. The imagery of the kaleidoscope is fascinating. I LOVED this line:

    Dressed in a flowing shift of consciousness

    That shift is apparent from the beginning to the end when you become you truly are. Just wonderful….thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. Great piece!!! Thanks for sharing with your readers who you are!! It is sometimes difficult to view ourselves honestly but I think you did a great job. Thanks for sharing! Hopping over from The Lightning and The Lightning-Bug !!!

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