Sun Goddess

As we reach the sand, I automatically discard my flip flops to walk barefoot.

“It’s not actually sand,” he says, “It’s ground coral. That is why it’s not hot on your feet.”
“Really,” I replied.
I, myself, would never thought of this detail but he is forever logical.
I sifted the ground coral between my French-manicured toes, luxuriating in the feel of it; warm, not hot. We find a couple of lounge chairs near the edge of the sand close to the rocks and somewhat removed from the other resort guests. We recline our chairs and ease into them, the warm ocean breeze pressing down upon us and the frosty, watered-down resort Pina Coladas within easy reach.
“You know,” he says in his logical voice, “This is an international resort and there are quite a few Europeans here. I’ve noticed a lot more people smoking and some of the women are going topless on this beach.”
He had been walking this morning while I lazed in bed, tired from the flight and the weeks of wedding planning.
“Hmm,” I say, already sinking into that lazy, sun-kissed stupor that is only achieved with that delicate balance of tropical sun and tropical rum, “What are you suggesting?”
“Well, I wasn’t suggesting anything but, now that you mention it, if you have ever wanted to go topless, now might be the time to try it,” he says, logically.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t take any further prompting. Why not? I don’t know anybody here and we are far enough away from everyone else on the beach.
I reach to the back of my neck to undo the halter strap of my bikini top and then arch my back and reach behind me to undo the clasp. I pull it away and drop the gauzy bit of fabric to the ground. Not too far. I might need it in a hurry.
Then I lay back to bask in the warmth of the sun and the warmth of my husband’s gaze. I have never before felt more at ease in my own skin as I do at this moment.
I think, perhaps, he is a little shocked that I have actually removed my bikini top, but he goes with it.
“You are a goddess,” he says, illogically.
And truly, I feel like one.

This was the RemembeRED prompt over at The Red Dress Club:
So this week, we want you to write about sand.
It doesn’t have to be summer-related.



20 thoughts on “Sun Goddess

  1. Fantastic!!! I love how you convey your husband's essence and the freedom and comfort you feel on your honeymoon. I went to a nude beach in Hawaii once. I was visiting a friend who was very liberal, but traveling with a friend who was very conservative. It was an odd juxtaposition. Had I just been with the liberal friend, I may have been brave enough to drop my top as well…

  2. You are so romantic and BRAVE! I'm not sure I would have done it, but I know I would have wanted to do it.

    I really love that all his logic flew away at the sight of you sitting there all free and beautiful. That is awesome.

  3. Jackie – This was a second marriage for both of us and definitely no chance of pregnancy. Eek! lol

    Ms. Monet – Tulum is a beautiful place. This was in Akumal.

    Pearlsgirl – Amazing, no sunburn.

    Jennifer – Thank you. I definitely wouldn't have done it if there was any chance of seeing someone I knew.

    Julie – Ah, but you still did it.

    Tracie – If I had time to think about it, I probably wouldn't have done it. It was just the moment.

  4. Wow, very brave. But, that's what honeymoons are all about, I think. A time to do something new and fun and exciting. I wish I would have the nerve to do something like that, but I never would. GREAT post! I love your “voice.”

    I'm stopping by from Time Traveling Tuesday. I hope you have a great week!

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