Happy Birthday Baby

July 1st was her birthday.  She had vivid memories of her mother holding her and pointing to the sky as it exploded into a myriad of colour. 
“Happy birthday, Baby,” her mother whispered against her cheek as her strong arms held her high so that she could see better.  
It was magical until she finally realized that the fireworks weren’t actually for her birthday, but for Canada Day.  She was probably around six when she came to this realization and it was a little like discovering that there was no Santa Claus. She was crushed but it did explain why no one else had fireworks on their birthdays.  She had always wondered about that.  

Now twenty years later, she watched the dancing lights as they squealed and popped across the sky and there were strong arms around her once again.  Not her mother’s arms this time, but her husband’s.  
His face was close to hers as he whispered in her ear, “Happy birthday Baby.”
The memories came back to her in a rush of feelings, feelings of being special, unique and loved.  He did that to her.  She knew that if he could have lit up the sky for her, he would have.  
Shivers ran up her spine and just for a moment, she believed in the possibility of magic, once again.
“This week’s prompt is all about fireworks. You can take that in a very literal direction, or you can include figurative “fireworks.” Feel free to turn this prompt into fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, just be sure to include fireworks of some kind.”

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby

  1. *sigh* How lovely…this just felt so comfortable, delightful really. Magic is in the everyday moments like the one you described above; magic is all around us if we'd only bother to look. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for linking up this refreshing and happy tale.

  2. The progressive of the piece is just right. First the fireworks as far as she understands are just for her. She is disappointed to find they aren't. Then in love with a wonderful man, who is to say they aren't?! What more could she ask?

  3. A sweet story, very nice. This is the sort of feeling we should all look for in our lives; of being special, and loved. We want people that can make us feel that way. What's great about this is that it's not something a person could write without really understanding that feeling, and it shows it to others. Something like this can show people what they're missing, or what they're taking for granted.

  4. Katie – You are right – magic is in the everyday moments, we just have to open ourselves to the possibility.

    Summer Scraps – How nice for you to have such a big party on your birthday every year. Thanks for stopping by.

    Gemini Writer – Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    May – I like your way of thinking – “Who's to say they aren't?”

    J. Ross – What an awesome compliment! Of course, I realize that what I write has to come from me and my perceptions but to hear you put it that way is very flattering. Thank you.

  5. Delightful, Kelly! Your little story made me want her to be me. What joy to be held by a lover who would light up the sky if possible. You brought it all back! Short and powerful. Well done.

  6. This is a gem of a story, I just love tales like this one. And you know what girl?! THOSE FIREWORKS ARE FOR YOU!!! 😀 Thanks a million for stopping by my blog and reading about my fireworks too! Your comment made my day! Now following, hope to see you back my way soon! Have a STELLAR week!


    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  7. Amy – I think we all wish for this feeling. Thank you.

    Jenny – Fireworks for me? And it's not even my birthday! Thanks.

    Ixy – Hmm, I guess I will have to write the start of the novel to go with the ending. A little backwards, but whatever!

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