You study my picture and you feel nothing but sadness…
Do you think that your way is better?
I have everything that I need:
my mother, my father and my bicycle.


And now, for this weekend’s Trifextra.  We want you to choose one of the pictures and give us a 33-word response to it.  Your responses will be judged by the community this weekend.  If you use the photo on your blog, you must include the attached accreditation (with active links). 

15 thoughts on “Amen

  1. Absolutely bang-on! I work with under-privileged kids and, almost without exception, they don't realized that their lifestyle is as under-privileged as it is. I tread a thin line every day between pointing out the need for them to reach up toward a higher standard of life and putting them down because of their circumstances. You captured that sense of belonging and dignity very well. Good for you!

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