Girl in the Tree

Dear Girl in the Tree,
This is supposed to be one of those letters where I, your older and much wiser self, am supposed to give you all sorts of advice but I look at you and the confidence that you portray and wonder what you might be able to tell me.
I don’t remember this picture being taken and when I first saw it I was surprised to see that you were at the top of the tree above everyone else. This is not how I remember being but Danita (yes, we are still friends) remembers it differently. When I mentioned my surprise to her, she just laughed and said that I was always brave back then, always the first to try new things. Really? I have to stretch my memory in order to remember this feeling and I am not sure when things changed. You already had so many things to be afraid of, yet you look so happy.
I guess if I had any advice to give you at all, it would be this: Don’t lose that fearlessness because in the process you will lose yourself and let me tell you, you will spend a whole lot of time in the future looking for you.
I know you have this inherent need to please others but don’t put everyone else’s needs above yours because eventually you just forget your own and, again, you will spend a lot of time trying to figure this out.
I guess what I am really trying to say is hold onto that Girl in the Tree as tightly as you can. Don’t let her go.
Love, Me (The girl trying to find the Girl in the Tree)
Note: My good friends brother posted this on Facebook recently. I had never seen this old photo before.  We were probably about ten years old. I am the girl at the top of the tree and I am amazed at my apparent courage.
I am linking this post to Tuesday at Ten where this week’s prompt was – “If I could write a letter to the past me . . . . }”

2 thoughts on “Girl in the Tree

  1. I love this story! Now that you have seen this pic and written this story it will be on your mind & you will draw from this in those moments when you want to step up & pursue something with bravery. Be brave & Be yourself! We love & accept you for being beautiful you 🙂 I have a similar pic I found while doing the Brene’ course. I journaled with the pic and recalled my true spunky self and 2 yrs later I think of that journal page on many occasions when I want to step forward & try something new 🙂 So go forth & embrace life’s treasures! Climb on !

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